The Price of Typos

The Price of Typos – NY Times

The author points out that in addition to the potential fiscal repercussions of typos (loss of credibility, search engine unoptimization) the digital era has wreaked havoc on our spelling.  It used to be that long manuscripts were pored over by scads of editors and proofreaders. It was a formal and important process to filter out author errors. Now,  that vetting process is often abbreviated. It’s very easy to just publish something and get it out there. The upside is, instead of typos being set in stone, as they are in hardcopies, typos can be identified (and subsequently brought to the publishers attention) by any ol’ reader and rectified within seconds.

I also enjoyed learning that the author sees something in typos, that they might reveal something about humanity. Seriously, that is fascinating.

Good read here: The Price of Typos