Spam Anatomy

I received an email today that I thought would be a good way to illustrate some of the ways that spam works. I took a screen shot of the email.

Hello, We discovered your internet site and so I would privately wish to invite you to test our new program build to help individuals like yourself gain additional earnings online. Keep this top secret, this is developing a MAJOR stur inside the ‘make money’ community… We’re not charging anything, simply follow the link below to look at our online video and begin producing the cash you know you deserve! [LINK] Sincerely, Fred


Here are clues that tell me this is spam:

  1. “We discovered your internet site…” Odd language.
  2.  “Keep this top secret…” This should raise red flags. If they really have a product that can make money, it wouldn’t be secret.
  3. “A MAJOR stur…” Spelling errors make me suspicious.
  4. “The ‘make money’ community…” Oddly ambiguous. More odd language.
  5. “We’re not charging anything…” Then it’s too good to be true. If they really have a product that can make money, it wouldn’t be free.
  6. “Simply follow the link…” This is always to call to action. They want you to click on the link. But the link will take you to a place where either your computer will get a virus, or they can find more information they can use from your computer.

Do not be suckered in. Delete the email immediately. Don’t even look at it!


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