About Me

I’m a freelance technical writer working out of Coralville, Iowa. You can find a fuller professional bio on my LinkedIn page, but here is a short version:

  • I’m currently a Technical Analyst, providing excellent documentation for my team.
  • I was a Freelance Web designer for quite some time.
  • I was a Course Developer at Utah State University.
  • My Bachelor’s degree is in General Studies from Indiana University Kokomo.
  • My Master’s degree is in Technical Writing from Utah State University.

And more interestingly:

  • I love the outdoors, would do nearly anything to be out in it.
  • I get lost sooo easily.
  • My husband is a great cook and as it turns out, I love food!
  • I have two grown boys and would give anything to go back in time to when they were little. Oh wait, maybe not…
  • I am ridiculously devoted to my ungrateful, huge, eats-like-a-horse dog. He’s a taker but that’s okay, I’m a giver.

It seems like there are a lot of people who could do my job, but maybe not a lot of people who WOULD do my job. I’m okay with that.